Just Cause 2 Stunt Driver Trophy Guide

Hi guys, another Just Cause 2 trophy/achievement guide here showing you a quick and easy way on getting the 'Stunt Driver' trophy. To get this trophy/achievement the player must get over 100 stunt points. Now, stunt points can be achieved in many ways such as driving fast and doing stunt jumps to name a few. However, by far the easiest way to get this trophy/achievement is to drive over to Panau International Airport (co-ordinates below) and tether your car to a Aeroliner 474 that is about to take off. Simply get back in your car and enjoy the ride. Remember not to press the L1 button (the grappling hook button for those of you on other systems) as it will cause the tether to break. Also I should mention that you can get the 'Road Trip' trophy/achievement using this method. Hope you like the video and remember to rate, comment and of course subscribe to my Youtube channel. Also leave any questions or suggestions you have either here or on Youtube.

Panau International Airport co-ordinates: X:9748, Y:12798

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