Just Cause 2 I Believe I Can Fly Trophy Guide

This is a quick and easy way to get the 'I Believe I Can Fly' trophy on Just Cause 2. This trophy/achievement requires you to base jump 1000 meters, which basically means you must jump off something solid e.g. a mountain and fall without opening your parachute until you reach 1000 meters. Base Jumps won't count if you jump out of helicopters or planes at high altitudes. To get this trophy then simply go to the hot air balloon (co-ordinates below) go as high as you can and jump out. As you can see I get way over 1000 meters but if you don't go as high make sure you only pull your parachute after 1000 meters, otherwise you will not get the trophy/achievement. Remember to rate, comment and of course subscribe to my Youtube channel. Also leave any questions or suggestions you have either here or on Youtube.

Hot air balloon co-ordinates: X:7392, Y:16151

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