Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch Wasteland

This is a video of a team deathmatch on the map Wasteland. For this match I chose to use my Sniper Class, which is very unlike me as I am not very good at it. The first minute of the video is sped up due to the fact nothing happens and would be quite boring to watch in real time. My Sniper class consists of:

Primary - M21 EBR
Secondary - PP2000 / Red Dot Sight Attachment
Equipment - Claymore
Special Grenade - Stun X2

Perk 1 - Slight of Hand Pro + Faster ADS
Perk 2 - Stopping Power Pro + Extra Damage Vs. Vehicles
Perk 3 - Steady Aim Pro + Longer Hold Breath

Death Streak - Final Stand

My final score is 22 kills 0 assist and 1 death. Remember to rate, comment and of course subscribe to my Youtube channel. Also leave any questions or suggestions you have either here or on Youtube.

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