HowTo Record PC Using The Intensity Pro

For the last couple of months I have been trying to figure out a way of how I can record my PC using the Black magic Intensity Pro instead of Fraps. Fraps is a good tool to use but it lowers the frame rate on games dramatically, in some cases so much so, that it can render the game unplayable. After multiple searches on Google and a few E-mails to Black Magic (which ended up being dead ends) it finally came to me, and now it seems so simple. To help you with the preferences in Media Express I have posted some images here of the settings you need to use for a few set ups you might want to record. For some reason, which is unknown to me, it is not possible to get it to work without using a HDMI splitter. If anybody knows an easier way of getting it to work without using a HDMI splitter then please leave your suggestions in the comments section. Hopefully this video tutorial is going to be one of many that I hope you all enjoy and it is dedicated to all the Black Magic Intensity Pro owners that want to record their PC. Remember to rate, comment and of course subscribe to my Youtube channel. Also leave any questions or suggestions you have either here or on Youtube.

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